Monday, January 4, 2010

Cooking with Food Allergy

Welcome to my Allergy Blog. For some of you might know that I have another blog for Knitting which is one of my other hobbies. The other blog is

The main reason why I started this blog is because cooking in my house is very interesting. My daughter and son both has food allergy. My son's condition is relative minor, he is only allergic to nuts; whereas my daughter, she is allergic to everything in the past, as she grows older, she is only allergic to Dairy, egg, chicken (yes it's terrible), all nuts and all seafood. When she was younger, she was also allergic to wheat and soy. To add to the existing dietary restriction in my household, my husband has been dignosed with Celiac Disease (gluten allergy) a few months ago.

Ever since my daughter was cleared with Wheat and soy allergy a couple years ago. Wheat was a major food in my household. Hence, when my husband was dignosed with CD; I found it a little bit difficult to go back to my old way of cooking. It has been difficult for my husband because he loves bread and beer. So for giving up what he loves has not been easy. Nowadays, due to the increasing number of food allergy, more food companies have manufactured food that can satisfy people with special dietary need. However, I found the choice is not bad but still limited. With my husband, he has been eating wheat all his life, by switching to gluten-free food has not been easy. I have a few gluten-free cookbooks and tried some of them. Some of the recipes are good.. some are so so and some are just simple terrible. The most difficult part about not eating wheat is baked goods. My husband loves bread and dessert so I decided that I would play around with different recipes and ingredients and try to found some good recipes to satisfy my husband and my kids and to share them with anyone that has same dietary need as me.

I hope this blog will not only help me to be a better cook but also to help people with allergy.

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